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A TIME for Physics First in Missouri

This Partnership creates eighty Teacher Leaders from participating Missouri school districts. These Teacher Leaders deliver a yearlong physics course to ninth grade students. Through ten weeks in summer academies over three years and academic year follow-up experiences Teacher Leaders deepen their physics content knowledge and develop individualized leadership skills to assist other teachers of freshman physics in providing all ninth grade students with an inquiry and modeling based physics experience.

Both university faculty and the Teacher Leaders develop an expanded range of pedagogical and leadership skills that they share with others, as they serve as resources and catalysts for reform in science education at the secondary and post-secondary institutional levels. In addition to the science teachers involved in the summer physics academies, selected teachers of mathematics from the same schools participate in a concurrent weeklong academy, and school administrators attend a three-day academy, in order to provide additional support for teachers and students as they engage in freshman physics.

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Supporting Teachers and Students in A TIME for Physics First

Our project, currently in its third year, seeks to increase both the teaching effectiveness and leadership capacity of ninth grade physics teachers. Our professional development program, which consists of three…

A TIME for Physics First Newsletter August 2011

This newsletter features reflections on the June summer academy by teachers, coaches, and administrators. A summary of responses from math teachers who attended a one-week parallel academy was published as a supplement to the regular August…

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Examining Fidelity Through Two Lenses: Teachers' Implementation of a Year-Long Curriculum in 9th Grade Physics

Curriculum materials play a key role in improving science education; however, curricula alone will not lead to enhanced student learning. Factors such as students' opportunity to learn and the way…

Supporting the Development of Teacher Leaders: Where Do We Begin?

This article synthesizes teachers' initial views of 'teacher leadership' and the implications for professional development.

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Higher Education Partners

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School District Partners

  • Columbia Public Schools
  • North Kansas City School District
  • Center School District
  • Hazelwood School District
  • Kirkwood School District
  • Chillicothe School District
  • Hickman Mills School District
  • eMINTS--Missouri Virtual Instructional Program